Battle for Lyle

  • We continue into the orc banquet hall and clear this area as Tyrabon had requested.
  • We assault the last room in the orc Stronghold — the barracks. The Orc Chieftain says to us “Your blood will flow on this ground for no reason other than your foolish attempt to attack our forward Stronghold.”
  • After the Orc Stronghold is cleared we recover a map from the wall showing the locations of the other Orc Strongholds on the Island. We considered setting up camp in the fortress, but with the constant threat of reprisal, it seemed best to head back to Lyle.
  • Inside the barracks is a goblin face, carved into the stone wall. This is the working of magic that the orcs have used to torment the goblin. He agrees to grant us access to some items of interest in the orcish chambers if we solve a riddle. We solve the Goblin’s riddle and proceed down into the cellar where we recover some items to assist us in our travels.
  • On the boat ride back to Lyle we see some smoke coming from the Island of Perdale and choose to land ashore and see why there smoke and ash coming from the island. Upon landing we consult with Yustef who tells us that they are burning the dead as part of the procedures of their religion. Yustef mourns the loss of her friend and companion, the halfling, Wilsy. We pay our respects and set sail back to Lyle.
  • Tyrabon calls for the council of Tyrion. He tells Tyrion that the temple of Kord will also be under siege in a short time by the undead, and that he must leave Lyle to defend the temple.
  • Tyrion fails to persuade Tyrabon and the Order to stay in Lyle. However, Tyrabon agrees to leave 8 men of the order behind to help defend Lyle.
  • The undead forces begin marching on Lyle. Ferin, King Falhurst, and all the other forces who pledged to help defend the city fail to show in our time of need. We must defend the city on our own.
  • We first defend the southern path along the mountains and then move to defend the eastern part of the city.
  • A very large demon, much like the one Israphael saw in his vision, 2 necromancers and almost a dozen animated undead attack the city.
  • Israphel began channeling the Orb that was given to him by the Oracle. He channeled it and severly weakened the demon, allowing us to bring the powerful demon to his final demise.
  • We successfully thwarted the attacks of the undead. Nearly perishing ourselves, we managed to slay the demon, minions and necromancers that attacked. Israphel is granted the title of Israphel Stormcaller for his bravery and sacrifice during his the battle.
  • There is now a citadel still floating just outside the eastern walls of Lyle.



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