Journey to Haldale & Entrance into Spider Chasm

  • We depart for Haldale and encounter a group of bandits on the path whom we dispatch with ease.
  • We travel south for a few more hours and see Haldale. The town looks peaceful, for now. Haldale looks to be significantly smaller than Lyle. Like Lyle, however, it looks peaceful and like a decent place to live.
  • We are given information that Tyrent, Tyrion’s brother, has been kidnapped by an archer and taken to the outskirts of the city for ransom.
  • The forces of Vecna attack Haldale and we defend it without much trouble. During combat, one of the necromancers attempted to summon a creature, which Israphael disrupted with little trouble. We do not know what he was trying to summon, only that we prevented its summoning.
  • During combat the markings on Lief’s skin begin to pulsate and bulge. This causes him to experience tremendous pain. One of the necromancer’s is Vaden. He calls Lief a traitor for turning on those who once protected him. Lief attacks Vaden, but Vaden manages to escape with only minor wounds. As he is fleeing the battlefield he calls out to his lord to forgive him, for he cannot kill the one who it was once his duty to protect.
  • We leave the city to rescue Tyrion’s brother, Tyrent. We see Tyrent tied up with shackles next to a hut made of leather. We see the man that attacked us on the road to Ferin’s tree fortress. He possesses a very foul stench.
  • The archer attacks us with stronger wolves than last time. We manage to defeat the wolves, but the archer escapes yet again and disappears into the shadows.
  • After the battle is over Tyrent requests that we take him to Lyle to rest, he is exhausted.
  • When we return to town, Tyrion sends Tyrent to their father for a firm conversation and some rest.
  • While in Lyle, the raiding orcs from the nearby Island attack our shores yet again. We defend the shore and take their ship into our possession.
  • After the battle we stand over the orcs dead bodies and Earl,a friendly Lylian, tells us that he can captain our new ship to Perdale. On the ride to Perdale we encounter a treacherous storm that nearly knocks us out of the boat, but we survive.
  • We meet with Yustef and her militia. She requests our assistance and offers Tyrion a shield in return for our protection of the city. Tyrion requests the reward before the battle begins.
  • Yustef pleads for additional assistance, should Perdale ever be attacked again. We agree as long as Yustef will send her forces to assist us when Lyle is attacked.
  • An older woman approaches us. She claims that Ferin is not great enough to stop the oncoming attack and gives Israphel an orb that she claims possesses great power.
  • Israphel examines the orb and determines that it holds great magical power and would be very useful against the undead armies.
  • The older woman tells us that the orb has a mind of it’s own and in order to awaken it’s great power and insight we must wrap it in the magical web of the Watercress Spider. She tells us that we can find the cave that this creature resides in one and one half hours southwest of our location.
  • During our journey to the cave of the Watercress spider, we are attacked by a Water Archon, an elemental spirit of the ocean, whom we defeat.
  • We enter the cave and defeat some kobold miners. We then continue into the chasm deeper and are forced to scale a large crevice.
  • We defeat several large spiders and come to a portcullis that appears to be locked.
  • We decipher the code on the wall and enter the large chamber, where we defeat a very large spider.
  • There are several humanoids in webs hanging from the ceiling. We uncover a few, one of them is an Eldarin who knew Israphel’s father, Aiel. He gives us some information and continues on his way for a swim home.
  • Israphel places the webbing of the spider on the Orb, it begins to glow of very bright radiant light. As Israphel holds the orb in his hands he blacks out, falls to the ground and a vision overcomes him. He sees the sight of a great battle, in it he is holding the same orb that is in his possession now. He raises the orb to the sky and a demon in the distance evaporates before our eyes. He awakens. The vision seemed to have last only a few seconds, but he was in fact passed out for several minutes.
  • The orb speaks “You must take me and bath me in the fire of the dragon Rephrasto. Once bathed, I must be immediately covered in the blood of a sacrifice to Bahamut. Only then will I be the orb you seek. You must travel back across the ocean and several more hours south to the dragonborn town of Yurst. There the town’s priest will instruct you regarding the collection of the blood that is required."



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