The Floating Citidel

  • The voice of Ferin enters Israphel’s head and tells him that he can teleport us to the floating citadel. He informs us that the might of the undead army originate from there and that we must destroy the citadel if we hope to defeat Vecna.
  • As we enter the citadel, we find nothing but darkness. Israphel must use his ghost light ability to lead our way. We fight our way through the bowels of the citadel, passing poison containment runes, a rune locked door (Vecna & Cyric), and flame-flinging skeletons until we reach a large throne room. Inside we find many skeletons as well as a hulking, giant zombie. From the shadows emerges a necromancer. He obviously has greater power than any of the necromancers we have thus faced. He mentions that the Demonic Plague will do what the demons could not, and that not even King Zerus could defeat the forces of Vecna. He also addressed Lief directly and told him not only that Lief’s father was responsible for saving him, but that his father was wrong about Lief and that Lief has some use after all. Further, Vaden The Whispering Eye has been casted into the abyss eternally for allowing Lief to live.
  • The battle wears on for a long time as the necromancer continues to resurrect our defeated foes. As the necromancer falls, the left side of Lief’s skin begins to heal and his noticeable hunch seems to straighten. With the necromancer’s last words, he mumbles “thanks Lord for granting me my undying wish.”
  • With the defeat of the necromancer, a demon, similar to the one Israphel defeated, appears and begins to destroy the citadel. The walls and ceiling begin to collapse and we must escape. The race is on as we attempt to escape the citadel as zombies slow our progress. Tyrion and Roenick wrestle the zombies to allow the others past and Israphel uses some trickery to help everyone escape. He uses his mage hand ability to tie ropes around Tyrion and Roenick and pulls them to safety. As we jump from he crashing citadel, Ferin teleports us safely to the ground.
  • From standing just outside Lyle, we can see that the demonic plague has been spread throughout our beloved town and Vecna guards stand at the ready all around our town. We will not be able to return to Lyle for quite sometime as the demonic plague is very contagious. We also encounter a straggler on a horse who says he is heading to the far North East.
  • We quickly move to the Temple of Kord to back up the Holy Order in their battle. We and the Holy Order were overrun by undead forces and both Tyrabon and Tyrion fell in battle. The Holy Order manages to clear the undead forces from the Temple and Tor Montroy steps forward to claim his place as High Executor. He asks if anyone dares to challenge him. Ryson Greyfall and many other paladins of the Order choose to leave than to follow Montroy (state they’re heading North East?).
  • Inside the Temple, a priest uses a very difficult and rare ritual to resurrect Tyrion. Tyrabon, who, as High Executor, is entitled to sit at Kord’s right hand after his death, is buried in the Temple’s catacombs.
  • Roenick pleads with Montroy to send forces to the Temple of Bahamut, which is similarly under attack. Montroy laughs at the plea and suggests that Tyrion may be able to do something for him, but not to expect much from the Holy Order.


Ryson Greyfall and many other paladins of the Order choose to leave than to follow Montroy—did they say they were headed to the North East?

Further, I believe maybe my father sent Vaden and his cult to spare my life. Then maybe convinced the forces of Vecna that I would be no use to them. Has my father infiltrated their ranks as a spy?

The Floating Citidel

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