King Zerus & the Chasm of Azeria

  • After Tyrion Whitemane’s resurrection at the Temple of Kord, Tor Montroy demanded a repayment of 500 gold pieces to replace the rare spell scroll that was used. Having no allegiance to the “new order” of Kord, Tyrion devised a plan of sneaking out in the middle of the night instead of paying.
  • On our way to the Temple of Bahamut, we ran into a group of kobolds fighting what appeared to be skeletons of Vecna. We decided to aid the kobolds to defeat the skeletons. After defeating the Vecna forces, the kobolds revealed that they know that we’re the ones that have burned one of their villages but said they now “fight with us” as we share the common enemy of Vecna followers. However, the wyrmpriest also mentioned that he could not be seen talking to us or his master would hurt him. As he was leaving, Lief pick pocketed a dragon tooth chain before failing to steal an awesome looking bone head piece.
  • Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the Temple of Bahamut which was under attack by skeletons and zombies. On top of the temple stood a dragonborn demi-god, shouting out battle commands for all of his forces in the vicinity. Faithfully, we all joined Roenick to defend the temple. Surprisingly, we were attacked by an unknown powerful fighter who pleaded with Roenick to join the forces of Cyric. It turns out it was his brother, Cyrus. Unfortunately we had to kill him.
  • After making an appropriate donation, we rested at the Temple of Bahamut. During our stay we learned that Kerrigan had fallen to the Demonic Plague and that most people were fleeing to Ha’las, which is North of Kerrigan across the Tangien Sea.
  • We decided to give old grey bush, Ferin the tree-dwelling wizard, a visit to try and see if he could have played a role in all of these attacks. After navigating through the Lister Swamp, we found Ferin fighting off hordes of Vecna forces killing dozens of them at a time. He communicated with Israphel that he did not need our help and that we should seek the boat man just west of Kerrigan to gain passage to Ha’las.
  • We followed his advice and finally found the boat man just where Ferin had lead us. After a couple of us failed to win his good favor we had to bribe him to get across the Tangien Sea to Ha’las.
  • We arrived at Ha’las and it wasn’t as expected. It was over-ridden with refugees and reeked of feces to high heaven. It was easy to see that the town was well over its capacity but doing its best to care for those in need. Crimes were being committed in just outside of the city walls.
  • It was there that King Falhurst of Kerrigan vouched for us and admitted that we were an integral part of the early defense of his town and won us an opportunity to speak with King Zerus, the leader of Ha’las. King Zerus asked us to help him disable an “all seeing Eye of Vecna” so that his troops could move freely and coordinate attacks. The eye was being held in the Chasm of Azeria. He also gave us eight potions to help us. He also quested us with drawing a map of the chasm and that he’d reward us greatly if we did so.
  • Also learned that Israphel’s father was alive, somewhere.
  • We made our way to the Chasm of Azeria and had to crack a code to gain entry. Israphel took a quick glance at it quickly decoded it before anyone else even gave it a thorough look. “Too easy” he laughed.
  • As we were making our way through the halls of this chasm, we found a man who was well on his way to death. Spiders were not only crawling all over him, but in and out of his body at every opening. It turns out he was Vaden the Whispering-Eye. After prolonging his life, he told us that he was indeed dispatched by Lief’s father to protect him. His loyalty was to Lief’s father, Luke, and that he infiltrated the ranks of Venca at his command (who he last spoke with ten years ago in 869). He was there being tortured to death as all those disciplined before him. He mentioned that 500 years ago that the combined forces of Venca and Cyric made a similar attack on Malorne. Much of what he said was hard to make out (from the spiders crawling about his mouth and death quickly approaching)—but he also made mention of “try to turn their ways”, “Ritual Necrotic Awakening”, “Vecna Overlord Ricees”, “cursed mind, body”, and “other captives here (in the chasm) with information” before dying.
  • We have also found the Key & Knight cards that belong to the mysterious deck.


Sorry Izzy-pop, didn’t write down a lot of information on your father. However, I bet your father played a role in defending Malorne from the attack made 500 years ago by Vecna and Cyric forces. Perhaps we should seek his wisdom in winning this war too.

King Zerus & the Chasm of Azeria

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