The Slaying of Rephrasto

  • After defeating the gigantic spider deep within the chasm. The portcullis was locked behind us. We discovered a room adorned with spider markings and symbols that we were unable to decipher.
  • We discovered a secret passage out of the room. Roenick rotated one of the torch holders and a secret passage opened from within the wall.
  • As we exit the cave, we see earl engaged with some pirates who swiftly retreat when they see us. Earl defended the boat without suffering any harm.
  • We begin our venture to Kerrigan. Earl is forced to navigate close to the shoreline because he is unsure of the way to Kerrigan. An attack falls on our boat from some kobolds ashore. They sling stones and shoot arrows at the boat from a distance. We land the boat on shore and defeat numerous kobolds.
  • Finally we arrive at the city of KErrigan. We seek council with the King Falhurst. He is unwilling to hear our plea that the forces of Vecna will converge on his city soon.
  • The King has us shackled and thrown in jail for insulting his ability to defend his city. Inside the cell, is a man who appears to be very disturbed. He also knows of the attack that will soon converge upon Kerrigan.
  • Several hours pass. Eventually we are able to escape from the cell and recover our armaments. When we escape into the King’s chambers, we see that he is under attack from several skeletons creatures. We rush to his defense and assist him and his guard in defeating the skeletons.
  • Falhurst asks us to leave the city swiftly and destroy the siege units that are attacking from outside the city walls. He then pleads with us to continue back to our homes. He cannot risk his legacy being tarnished by allowing outsiders to defend his city.
  • As we escape from the city, we discover several large holes in the sides of the previously well-fortified city walls. We are forced to scale the wall by rope and exit the city by means of stealth.*
  • We successfully dismantle the siege units and the forces that control them.
  • We venture forth to the dragonborn town of Yurst per the orb’s instructions. It looks peaceful, much like the other towns we defended only days ago. The citizens look happy, yet more rowdy than in the other towns. There are dragonborn children playfully fighting in the streets, the mothers anxiously encouraging their child to defeat the other.
  • As we seek out and enter the temple, a male dragonborn approaches us dressed in flowing purple garments with gold highlights. In a very calm and gathered voice he greets us. He questions us regarding our journeys with the Gods and agrees to perform the sacrifice we need to empower the orb. He asks us to venture out into the wooded areas and bring him back the body of a live boar.
  • With some difficulty, we capture the boar and bring it back alive to the Priest who performs the sacrifice and gives us an urn full of the boar’s blood.
  • The orb tells us the way to Rephrasto’s lair. The dragonkin speaks to us and agrees to breath fire on the orb, however, he quickly changes his demeanor and demands a fight. In one of the hardest battles of our adventure, we were able to defeat Rephrasto. Standing awe of the great dragon, Tyrion took a tooth as a prize.
  • As we return to Lyle, Tyrion asks Denard to fashion a chain in order to wear the dragon tooth around his neck. Upon meeting with Tyrabon, we were asked to attack the orc stronghold to disrupt their plans so they could not take advantage of our weakened defenses when the forces of Vecna attack.
  • We approach a very battered and rundown stronghold. The stone appears to be very beaten and old and several of the towers that compose the stronghold have their sides collapsed. The door is locked. We burst through the door with little problem. We venture up the stairs and into the Holding cells where several orcs and two fire beetles await us. We defeat them with little trouble.



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