Tyrion Whitemane


Tyrion Whitemane is the son of Tyrabon Whitemane and the grandson of Tyrius Whitemane. Tyrion spent his childhood being trained by his grandfather in combat and by his father in religion. Tyrius was a master tactician and combatant who led the Holy Order of Kord’s Paladins against the undead hordes of the north. He rose through the ranks to become Grand Inquisitor and was responsible for militarizing the Church of Kord. Upon Tyrius’ death, Tyrabon ascended to Grand Inquisitor. His strength came as a speaker and a preacher. His moving speeches allowed him to gain political power for the Church and expand the Order’s reach. Tyrion has inherited the best of each; he is a strong warrior as well as a powerful orator.

Tyrion joined the Order at the age of 15, the youngest age allowed. He quickly rose through the ranks by demonstrating a knack for combating the undead as well as forming alliances with fellow Order members; the fact that his father was the head of the Order helped as well. At the age of 25 he became a Second to an Inquisitor, the highest rank under Grand Inquisitor. A Second is groomed to take over for their Inquisitor. Tyrion’s Inquisitor, Ryson Greyfall, has been a good friend to him and has taught him much. As Ryson nears his retirement, Tyrion has prepared to take over by going on his Peregrination, a two-year journey demanded by the Order in which the Second spreads the word of Kord and gathers riches for the Order’s coffers. The Order also demands that the paladin be 30 years old to become an Inquisitor as it is believed that one must be blessed by Kord to survive in the order until that age, thus, Tyrion has prepared to leave on his 28th birthday.

While Tyrion was skilled in making allies in the Order, he also has made a few enemies. As a teenager all the way through adulthood, Tyrion has feuded with Torson and Ked Montroy. The Montroy family has sought power in the Order, gaining Second distinctions for both Torson and Ked, while their father, Tor Montroy, is an Inquisitor. Tor has made no effort to hide his desire to become Grand Inquisitor and that he sees the Whitemanes as his roadblock to glory. Tyrabon has suspected that the Montroys have been working against the Order in various underhanded methods for years. Inquisitors, however, have protection and may only lose their power in the Order if they step down or are killed in battle.

There have been two attempts on Tyrabon’s life in the last year. Members of the Whitemane clan suspect the Montroys have been involved, either directly or by providing information to enemies of the Order. Tyrion feels nervous leaving the Order at such a time, but Tyrabon has convinced him that he must, or Tor could gain more power in the future.

In preparation for his journey, Tyrion has received several items for his father, items that Tyrabon used on his Peregrination. Tyrion carries with him his grandfather’s hammer, and a large kite shield emblazoned with the Whitemane family symbol of a polar bear. Tyrion is armored with the dragonscale armor that all Order members wear, also carrying his family symbol. He also carries a very special item passed down from his grandfather on his 15th birthday: a crystal said to be from the hilt of Kord’s sword. Tyrion has always focused his prayers through his crystal and it works to focus his energy during battle.

Tyrion Whitemane

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