The Return to Lyle

  • We journeyed away from Ferin’s tree fortress and back to Lyle. Along the way we meet up with Milner, an old childhood friend of Roenick. He warns us that there are some angry Kobolds up ahead. They were angry because Tyrion set fire to their huts.
  • Milner advises us to lure the kobolds away from the road by attacking a nearby cave that the kobolds are mining. We attack the mine and recover a valuable gem and a few items of interest.
  • Milner pleads with us to venture further south to help rescue his sister, Alexia and her husband Reed, from the nearby city of Coldbarrow. He offers the promise of his grandfather’s mace to Roenick if we successfully escort him to Coldbarrow.
  • On our way to the city we are confronted by a swamp being who is pleasantly civilized and lets us pass without any trouble.
  • We venture into the city and defeat the undead forces that have already begun to raid the city.
  • Tyrion bursts through the door and falls ontop of a man and kills him instantly. The citizens cry in shock. They appear to be relieved to have been saved, but fearful of what might happen next.
  • Within the cellar door there are a dozen citizens, including Alexia. However, Reed is nowhere to be seen. We bring them along with us but they stay back away from the group while we travel, for their own protection.
  • We travel through the woods and back to the road. Along the way we become lost and stumble into the forest that is controlled by the Elves of Melora.
  • The Elves of Melora ask us our intentions. Despite our best efforts to quickly return home, and to avoid conflict, the elves begin to attack. We handedly defeat them, as well as several wolves that come out and attack us from the forest. Have we just made a new enemy?
  • Once we reach the road we see several kobolds off in the distance, however, many fewer than Milner had promised. It appears the plan worked. We can also see the still smoldering huts that Tyrion set fire to less than a day ago. We attack the kobold, easily defeating them, and head towards Lyle.
  • We travel further west down the road and stumble upon another goblin. The goblin looks almost identical to the one that surprised us in Rubio’s cellar, but looks a bit more husky than the one we previously encountered.
  • We defeat the goblin and notice that he is also carrying a satchel, similar to the one carried by the goblin in the cellar of the rusty nail. Inside the satchel are numerous pieces of parchment with various attack messages with the times other cities will be attacked.
  • We continue onward for several more hours until we reach Lyle. Milner says “Thank you for your kindness. I will return shortly” Milner returns quickly with his grandfather’s mace and gives it to Roenick.



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