Journey to Ferin

  • While sitting in Rubio’s Rusty Nail we overheard some locals whispering regarding the future destiny of the town of Lyle. An army would attack soon.
  • Met with the Bartender Rubio to gather some more information. He requested that we clear his cellar before he would give us any further information.
  • Rubio believes that only the great wizard Ferin can save our town. He instructs us to head east along the road until we come to Ferin’s fortress.
  • Per Rubio’s request, we enter into the cellar and eliminate several groups of large rats. As we are eradicating the rats, a tall goblin creature ambushes us from the pantry in the cellar. We defeat him, and discover on his remains several pieces of parchment that display the times that several towns will be sieged.
  • We are attacked by a shadowy archer hiding amongst the tall grass. He commands two wolves to attack. When the battle is almost over, the archer flees like a coward.
  • Along the way we encounter some angry kobolds who attack. After they are defeated, Tyrion in a fit of rage burns down the kobold huts to send a message.
  • We travel furthur east along the road to Ferin’s tree fortress, after completing some challenges of wit and wisdom we are ported to a cave by Ferin to recover a gem. After the gem is recovered, Ferin seizes the gem from the hands of Israphel and agrees to help protect Lyle in our time of need.


Thanks for nothing, Ferin! I hope your deceit catches up to you!

Journey to Ferin

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