King Zerus & the Chasm of Azeria
  • After Tyrion Whitemane’s resurrection at the Temple of Kord, Tor Montroy demanded a repayment of 500 gold pieces to replace the rare spell scroll that was used. Having no allegiance to the “new order” of Kord, Tyrion devised a plan of sneaking out in the middle of the night instead of paying.
  • On our way to the Temple of Bahamut, we ran into a group of kobolds fighting what appeared to be skeletons of Vecna. We decided to aid the kobolds to defeat the skeletons. After defeating the Vecna forces, the kobolds revealed that they know that we’re the ones that have burned one of their villages but said they now “fight with us” as we share the common enemy of Vecna followers. However, the wyrmpriest also mentioned that he could not be seen talking to us or his master would hurt him. As he was leaving, Lief pick pocketed a dragon tooth chain before failing to steal an awesome looking bone head piece.
  • Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the Temple of Bahamut which was under attack by skeletons and zombies. On top of the temple stood a dragonborn demi-god, shouting out battle commands for all of his forces in the vicinity. Faithfully, we all joined Roenick to defend the temple. Surprisingly, we were attacked by an unknown powerful fighter who pleaded with Roenick to join the forces of Cyric. It turns out it was his brother, Cyrus. Unfortunately we had to kill him.
  • After making an appropriate donation, we rested at the Temple of Bahamut. During our stay we learned that Kerrigan had fallen to the Demonic Plague and that most people were fleeing to Ha’las, which is North of Kerrigan across the Tangien Sea.
  • We decided to give old grey bush, Ferin the tree-dwelling wizard, a visit to try and see if he could have played a role in all of these attacks. After navigating through the Lister Swamp, we found Ferin fighting off hordes of Vecna forces killing dozens of them at a time. He communicated with Israphel that he did not need our help and that we should seek the boat man just west of Kerrigan to gain passage to Ha’las.
  • We followed his advice and finally found the boat man just where Ferin had lead us. After a couple of us failed to win his good favor we had to bribe him to get across the Tangien Sea to Ha’las.
  • We arrived at Ha’las and it wasn’t as expected. It was over-ridden with refugees and reeked of feces to high heaven. It was easy to see that the town was well over its capacity but doing its best to care for those in need. Crimes were being committed in just outside of the city walls.
  • It was there that King Falhurst of Kerrigan vouched for us and admitted that we were an integral part of the early defense of his town and won us an opportunity to speak with King Zerus, the leader of Ha’las. King Zerus asked us to help him disable an “all seeing Eye of Vecna” so that his troops could move freely and coordinate attacks. The eye was being held in the Chasm of Azeria. He also gave us eight potions to help us. He also quested us with drawing a map of the chasm and that he’d reward us greatly if we did so.
  • Also learned that Israphel’s father was alive, somewhere.
  • We made our way to the Chasm of Azeria and had to crack a code to gain entry. Israphel took a quick glance at it quickly decoded it before anyone else even gave it a thorough look. “Too easy” he laughed.
  • As we were making our way through the halls of this chasm, we found a man who was well on his way to death. Spiders were not only crawling all over him, but in and out of his body at every opening. It turns out he was Vaden the Whispering-Eye. After prolonging his life, he told us that he was indeed dispatched by Lief’s father to protect him. His loyalty was to Lief’s father, Luke, and that he infiltrated the ranks of Venca at his command (who he last spoke with ten years ago in 869). He was there being tortured to death as all those disciplined before him. He mentioned that 500 years ago that the combined forces of Venca and Cyric made a similar attack on Malorne. Much of what he said was hard to make out (from the spiders crawling about his mouth and death quickly approaching)—but he also made mention of “try to turn their ways”, “Ritual Necrotic Awakening”, “Vecna Overlord Ricees”, “cursed mind, body”, and “other captives here (in the chasm) with information” before dying.
  • We have also found the Key & Knight cards that belong to the mysterious deck.
The Floating Citidel
  • The voice of Ferin enters Israphel’s head and tells him that he can teleport us to the floating citadel. He informs us that the might of the undead army originate from there and that we must destroy the citadel if we hope to defeat Vecna.
  • As we enter the citadel, we find nothing but darkness. Israphel must use his ghost light ability to lead our way. We fight our way through the bowels of the citadel, passing poison containment runes, a rune locked door (Vecna & Cyric), and flame-flinging skeletons until we reach a large throne room. Inside we find many skeletons as well as a hulking, giant zombie. From the shadows emerges a necromancer. He obviously has greater power than any of the necromancers we have thus faced. He mentions that the Demonic Plague will do what the demons could not, and that not even King Zerus could defeat the forces of Vecna. He also addressed Lief directly and told him not only that Lief’s father was responsible for saving him, but that his father was wrong about Lief and that Lief has some use after all. Further, Vaden The Whispering Eye has been casted into the abyss eternally for allowing Lief to live.
  • The battle wears on for a long time as the necromancer continues to resurrect our defeated foes. As the necromancer falls, the left side of Lief’s skin begins to heal and his noticeable hunch seems to straighten. With the necromancer’s last words, he mumbles “thanks Lord for granting me my undying wish.”
  • With the defeat of the necromancer, a demon, similar to the one Israphel defeated, appears and begins to destroy the citadel. The walls and ceiling begin to collapse and we must escape. The race is on as we attempt to escape the citadel as zombies slow our progress. Tyrion and Roenick wrestle the zombies to allow the others past and Israphel uses some trickery to help everyone escape. He uses his mage hand ability to tie ropes around Tyrion and Roenick and pulls them to safety. As we jump from he crashing citadel, Ferin teleports us safely to the ground.
  • From standing just outside Lyle, we can see that the demonic plague has been spread throughout our beloved town and Vecna guards stand at the ready all around our town. We will not be able to return to Lyle for quite sometime as the demonic plague is very contagious. We also encounter a straggler on a horse who says he is heading to the far North East.
  • We quickly move to the Temple of Kord to back up the Holy Order in their battle. We and the Holy Order were overrun by undead forces and both Tyrabon and Tyrion fell in battle. The Holy Order manages to clear the undead forces from the Temple and Tor Montroy steps forward to claim his place as High Executor. He asks if anyone dares to challenge him. Ryson Greyfall and many other paladins of the Order choose to leave than to follow Montroy (state they’re heading North East?).
  • Inside the Temple, a priest uses a very difficult and rare ritual to resurrect Tyrion. Tyrabon, who, as High Executor, is entitled to sit at Kord’s right hand after his death, is buried in the Temple’s catacombs.
  • Roenick pleads with Montroy to send forces to the Temple of Bahamut, which is similarly under attack. Montroy laughs at the plea and suggests that Tyrion may be able to do something for him, but not to expect much from the Holy Order.
Battle for Lyle
  • We continue into the orc banquet hall and clear this area as Tyrabon had requested.
  • We assault the last room in the orc Stronghold — the barracks. The Orc Chieftain says to us “Your blood will flow on this ground for no reason other than your foolish attempt to attack our forward Stronghold.”
  • After the Orc Stronghold is cleared we recover a map from the wall showing the locations of the other Orc Strongholds on the Island. We considered setting up camp in the fortress, but with the constant threat of reprisal, it seemed best to head back to Lyle.
  • Inside the barracks is a goblin face, carved into the stone wall. This is the working of magic that the orcs have used to torment the goblin. He agrees to grant us access to some items of interest in the orcish chambers if we solve a riddle. We solve the Goblin’s riddle and proceed down into the cellar where we recover some items to assist us in our travels.
  • On the boat ride back to Lyle we see some smoke coming from the Island of Perdale and choose to land ashore and see why there smoke and ash coming from the island. Upon landing we consult with Yustef who tells us that they are burning the dead as part of the procedures of their religion. Yustef mourns the loss of her friend and companion, the halfling, Wilsy. We pay our respects and set sail back to Lyle.
  • Tyrabon calls for the council of Tyrion. He tells Tyrion that the temple of Kord will also be under siege in a short time by the undead, and that he must leave Lyle to defend the temple.
  • Tyrion fails to persuade Tyrabon and the Order to stay in Lyle. However, Tyrabon agrees to leave 8 men of the order behind to help defend Lyle.
  • The undead forces begin marching on Lyle. Ferin, King Falhurst, and all the other forces who pledged to help defend the city fail to show in our time of need. We must defend the city on our own.
  • We first defend the southern path along the mountains and then move to defend the eastern part of the city.
  • A very large demon, much like the one Israphael saw in his vision, 2 necromancers and almost a dozen animated undead attack the city.
  • Israphel began channeling the Orb that was given to him by the Oracle. He channeled it and severly weakened the demon, allowing us to bring the powerful demon to his final demise.
  • We successfully thwarted the attacks of the undead. Nearly perishing ourselves, we managed to slay the demon, minions and necromancers that attacked. Israphel is granted the title of Israphel Stormcaller for his bravery and sacrifice during his the battle.
  • There is now a citadel still floating just outside the eastern walls of Lyle.
The Slaying of Rephrasto
  • After defeating the gigantic spider deep within the chasm. The portcullis was locked behind us. We discovered a room adorned with spider markings and symbols that we were unable to decipher.
  • We discovered a secret passage out of the room. Roenick rotated one of the torch holders and a secret passage opened from within the wall.
  • As we exit the cave, we see earl engaged with some pirates who swiftly retreat when they see us. Earl defended the boat without suffering any harm.
  • We begin our venture to Kerrigan. Earl is forced to navigate close to the shoreline because he is unsure of the way to Kerrigan. An attack falls on our boat from some kobolds ashore. They sling stones and shoot arrows at the boat from a distance. We land the boat on shore and defeat numerous kobolds.
  • Finally we arrive at the city of KErrigan. We seek council with the King Falhurst. He is unwilling to hear our plea that the forces of Vecna will converge on his city soon.
  • The King has us shackled and thrown in jail for insulting his ability to defend his city. Inside the cell, is a man who appears to be very disturbed. He also knows of the attack that will soon converge upon Kerrigan.
  • Several hours pass. Eventually we are able to escape from the cell and recover our armaments. When we escape into the King’s chambers, we see that he is under attack from several skeletons creatures. We rush to his defense and assist him and his guard in defeating the skeletons.
  • Falhurst asks us to leave the city swiftly and destroy the siege units that are attacking from outside the city walls. He then pleads with us to continue back to our homes. He cannot risk his legacy being tarnished by allowing outsiders to defend his city.
  • As we escape from the city, we discover several large holes in the sides of the previously well-fortified city walls. We are forced to scale the wall by rope and exit the city by means of stealth.*
  • We successfully dismantle the siege units and the forces that control them.
  • We venture forth to the dragonborn town of Yurst per the orb’s instructions. It looks peaceful, much like the other towns we defended only days ago. The citizens look happy, yet more rowdy than in the other towns. There are dragonborn children playfully fighting in the streets, the mothers anxiously encouraging their child to defeat the other.
  • As we seek out and enter the temple, a male dragonborn approaches us dressed in flowing purple garments with gold highlights. In a very calm and gathered voice he greets us. He questions us regarding our journeys with the Gods and agrees to perform the sacrifice we need to empower the orb. He asks us to venture out into the wooded areas and bring him back the body of a live boar.
  • With some difficulty, we capture the boar and bring it back alive to the Priest who performs the sacrifice and gives us an urn full of the boar’s blood.
  • The orb tells us the way to Rephrasto’s lair. The dragonkin speaks to us and agrees to breath fire on the orb, however, he quickly changes his demeanor and demands a fight. In one of the hardest battles of our adventure, we were able to defeat Rephrasto. Standing awe of the great dragon, Tyrion took a tooth as a prize.
  • As we return to Lyle, Tyrion asks Denard to fashion a chain in order to wear the dragon tooth around his neck. Upon meeting with Tyrabon, we were asked to attack the orc stronghold to disrupt their plans so they could not take advantage of our weakened defenses when the forces of Vecna attack.
  • We approach a very battered and rundown stronghold. The stone appears to be very beaten and old and several of the towers that compose the stronghold have their sides collapsed. The door is locked. We burst through the door with little problem. We venture up the stairs and into the Holding cells where several orcs and two fire beetles await us. We defeat them with little trouble.
Journey to Haldale & Entrance into Spider Chasm
  • We depart for Haldale and encounter a group of bandits on the path whom we dispatch with ease.
  • We travel south for a few more hours and see Haldale. The town looks peaceful, for now. Haldale looks to be significantly smaller than Lyle. Like Lyle, however, it looks peaceful and like a decent place to live.
  • We are given information that Tyrent, Tyrion’s brother, has been kidnapped by an archer and taken to the outskirts of the city for ransom.
  • The forces of Vecna attack Haldale and we defend it without much trouble. During combat, one of the necromancers attempted to summon a creature, which Israphael disrupted with little trouble. We do not know what he was trying to summon, only that we prevented its summoning.
  • During combat the markings on Lief’s skin begin to pulsate and bulge. This causes him to experience tremendous pain. One of the necromancer’s is Vaden. He calls Lief a traitor for turning on those who once protected him. Lief attacks Vaden, but Vaden manages to escape with only minor wounds. As he is fleeing the battlefield he calls out to his lord to forgive him, for he cannot kill the one who it was once his duty to protect.
  • We leave the city to rescue Tyrion’s brother, Tyrent. We see Tyrent tied up with shackles next to a hut made of leather. We see the man that attacked us on the road to Ferin’s tree fortress. He possesses a very foul stench.
  • The archer attacks us with stronger wolves than last time. We manage to defeat the wolves, but the archer escapes yet again and disappears into the shadows.
  • After the battle is over Tyrent requests that we take him to Lyle to rest, he is exhausted.
  • When we return to town, Tyrion sends Tyrent to their father for a firm conversation and some rest.
  • While in Lyle, the raiding orcs from the nearby Island attack our shores yet again. We defend the shore and take their ship into our possession.
  • After the battle we stand over the orcs dead bodies and Earl,a friendly Lylian, tells us that he can captain our new ship to Perdale. On the ride to Perdale we encounter a treacherous storm that nearly knocks us out of the boat, but we survive.
  • We meet with Yustef and her militia. She requests our assistance and offers Tyrion a shield in return for our protection of the city. Tyrion requests the reward before the battle begins.
  • Yustef pleads for additional assistance, should Perdale ever be attacked again. We agree as long as Yustef will send her forces to assist us when Lyle is attacked.
  • An older woman approaches us. She claims that Ferin is not great enough to stop the oncoming attack and gives Israphel an orb that she claims possesses great power.
  • Israphel examines the orb and determines that it holds great magical power and would be very useful against the undead armies.
  • The older woman tells us that the orb has a mind of it’s own and in order to awaken it’s great power and insight we must wrap it in the magical web of the Watercress Spider. She tells us that we can find the cave that this creature resides in one and one half hours southwest of our location.
  • During our journey to the cave of the Watercress spider, we are attacked by a Water Archon, an elemental spirit of the ocean, whom we defeat.
  • We enter the cave and defeat some kobold miners. We then continue into the chasm deeper and are forced to scale a large crevice.
  • We defeat several large spiders and come to a portcullis that appears to be locked.
  • We decipher the code on the wall and enter the large chamber, where we defeat a very large spider.
  • There are several humanoids in webs hanging from the ceiling. We uncover a few, one of them is an Eldarin who knew Israphel’s father, Aiel. He gives us some information and continues on his way for a swim home.
  • Israphel places the webbing of the spider on the Orb, it begins to glow of very bright radiant light. As Israphel holds the orb in his hands he blacks out, falls to the ground and a vision overcomes him. He sees the sight of a great battle, in it he is holding the same orb that is in his possession now. He raises the orb to the sky and a demon in the distance evaporates before our eyes. He awakens. The vision seemed to have last only a few seconds, but he was in fact passed out for several minutes.
  • The orb speaks “You must take me and bath me in the fire of the dragon Rephrasto. Once bathed, I must be immediately covered in the blood of a sacrifice to Bahamut. Only then will I be the orb you seek. You must travel back across the ocean and several more hours south to the dragonborn town of Yurst. There the town’s priest will instruct you regarding the collection of the blood that is required."
The Return to Lyle
  • We journeyed away from Ferin’s tree fortress and back to Lyle. Along the way we meet up with Milner, an old childhood friend of Roenick. He warns us that there are some angry Kobolds up ahead. They were angry because Tyrion set fire to their huts.
  • Milner advises us to lure the kobolds away from the road by attacking a nearby cave that the kobolds are mining. We attack the mine and recover a valuable gem and a few items of interest.
  • Milner pleads with us to venture further south to help rescue his sister, Alexia and her husband Reed, from the nearby city of Coldbarrow. He offers the promise of his grandfather’s mace to Roenick if we successfully escort him to Coldbarrow.
  • On our way to the city we are confronted by a swamp being who is pleasantly civilized and lets us pass without any trouble.
  • We venture into the city and defeat the undead forces that have already begun to raid the city.
  • Tyrion bursts through the door and falls ontop of a man and kills him instantly. The citizens cry in shock. They appear to be relieved to have been saved, but fearful of what might happen next.
  • Within the cellar door there are a dozen citizens, including Alexia. However, Reed is nowhere to be seen. We bring them along with us but they stay back away from the group while we travel, for their own protection.
  • We travel through the woods and back to the road. Along the way we become lost and stumble into the forest that is controlled by the Elves of Melora.
  • The Elves of Melora ask us our intentions. Despite our best efforts to quickly return home, and to avoid conflict, the elves begin to attack. We handedly defeat them, as well as several wolves that come out and attack us from the forest. Have we just made a new enemy?
  • Once we reach the road we see several kobolds off in the distance, however, many fewer than Milner had promised. It appears the plan worked. We can also see the still smoldering huts that Tyrion set fire to less than a day ago. We attack the kobold, easily defeating them, and head towards Lyle.
  • We travel further west down the road and stumble upon another goblin. The goblin looks almost identical to the one that surprised us in Rubio’s cellar, but looks a bit more husky than the one we previously encountered.
  • We defeat the goblin and notice that he is also carrying a satchel, similar to the one carried by the goblin in the cellar of the rusty nail. Inside the satchel are numerous pieces of parchment with various attack messages with the times other cities will be attacked.
  • We continue onward for several more hours until we reach Lyle. Milner says “Thank you for your kindness. I will return shortly” Milner returns quickly with his grandfather’s mace and gives it to Roenick.
Journey to Ferin
  • While sitting in Rubio’s Rusty Nail we overheard some locals whispering regarding the future destiny of the town of Lyle. An army would attack soon.
  • Met with the Bartender Rubio to gather some more information. He requested that we clear his cellar before he would give us any further information.
  • Rubio believes that only the great wizard Ferin can save our town. He instructs us to head east along the road until we come to Ferin’s fortress.
  • Per Rubio’s request, we enter into the cellar and eliminate several groups of large rats. As we are eradicating the rats, a tall goblin creature ambushes us from the pantry in the cellar. We defeat him, and discover on his remains several pieces of parchment that display the times that several towns will be sieged.
  • We are attacked by a shadowy archer hiding amongst the tall grass. He commands two wolves to attack. When the battle is almost over, the archer flees like a coward.
  • Along the way we encounter some angry kobolds who attack. After they are defeated, Tyrion in a fit of rage burns down the kobold huts to send a message.
  • We travel furthur east along the road to Ferin’s tree fortress, after completing some challenges of wit and wisdom we are ported to a cave by Ferin to recover a gem. After the gem is recovered, Ferin seizes the gem from the hands of Israphel and agrees to help protect Lyle in our time of need.

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